Daily Boot Camps

Affordable classes by Certified Fitness Instructors

Circuit Boot Camp

We run this high intensity 30 minute circuit boot camp in the morning and evening, 2 or 3 days a week depending on which class you sign up for. Classes start at just $75 per month! That's the good news. The bad? Prepare to sweat! These Circuits will Tighten, Tone, Build Muscle and help you lose Fat and become Stronger and Healthier! Our Boot Camps are held indoors year round in our local studio.

Yoga Boot Camp

A 4 week 45 minute session that will Tone, Sculpt and Drop those Pounds! Specially designed for ALL fitness levels, our intense Yoga Boot camp focus on pushing you outside your comfort zone, past where you can push yourself - safely. Most of the poses are performed with weights as added resistance. Whether you are looking for a weight loss, toning, an exercise program or a way to kick start your fitness routine, Yoga Bootcamp can help you reach your goals. Tues, Thurs Mornings 6 am
Starting Every Month!