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An Ancient Medicine

Scientifically Proven

An Ancient Practice, Acupuncture, Scientifically proven

There are many ways which acupuncture can possibly help you, below we have listed 6 ways that acupuncture has been Scientifically proven to help!

Easing Back Pain

Using acupuncture therapy to successfully relieve chronic back pain is well documented in scientific literature

Boosts the effectiveness of Medicine

A study found that a low-dose of some medicine combined with acupuncture therapy was just as effective as full-dose medication

Soothes Ingestion

recently published research finding that acupuncture therapy alleviated heartburn and indigestion

Counteracts radiation side effects

A review of studies published in a journal of the American Cancer Society found that people undergoing radiation treatment perceived fewer negative side effects of radiation

Dulls persistent headaches

A review of 22 studies involving acupuncture therapy, migraines, and tension headaches found that regular acupuncture therapy was effective at preventing tension headaches and migraines from becoming a problem, and that it was an effective treatment for existing headaches

Ends obesity?

Researchers from Korea analyzed 31 studies on a total of 3,013 people, and found that acupuncture therapy led to greater decreases in body weight than lifestyle changes or medications